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Today’s problems require a modern solution, yet 99% of your competitors still come to the table with the same stale, static presentations that they’ve been using for the last 20 years. Showcase your unique ability to find creative cost saving solutions, answer questions in real-time and guide your clients to the right decisions. The Dynamic Plan Designer creates a completely different conversation with your clients and prospects.

The Dynamic Plan Designer is proven to win new business. Generate beautiful proposals in minutes, then guide on-the-spot conversations to quickly finalize medical, Rx and ancillary plan selections. Demonstrate the impact on both employees and employers at a glance, reducing the number of meetings you have to schedule to close each account.

Community Rating

Profitably serve any size client using Community Rating with the Dynamic Plan Designer.

Self Funding

Simplify your self-funding conversations with
the Dynamic Plan Designer.

Compare Plans

Showcase your expertise to employers with an interactive presentation that instantly highlights the difference between plans, quantifying impact on both employers and employees. Move from high-level overviews to detailed plan comparisons with a few clicks to see the immediate impact of each plan design change. The coverage period overview provides a snapshot of current, renewal and proposed plans.

Real-Time Cost Updates

Demonstrate your ability to provide unique cost saving measures on-the-spot during meetings. Provide a tangible way to showcase your heightened analysis capabilities over your competitors. The Dynamic Plan Designer automatically adjusts plans to a defined contribution or budgeted amount for both large and small groups. Additionally, the tool seamlessly incorporates medical, Rx and ancillary coverage options, fostering more strategic, comprehensive benefits discussions. Engaging the employer face-to-face helps them reach a consensus quickly, avoid additional meetings and effectively shows the value of your consultation. Learn how one agency uses this feature to win business.

Model Funding Options

Model the impact of different funding vehicles on-site, providing a clear visual impact of funding options for employers and employees alike. You’ll be able to include HSA contributions, deductible and co-insurance HRA and utilization projections. The ability to manipulate each plan live clearly illustrates the impact of each change on the employer and its employees.

Streamline Proposal Generation

Create beautiful proposals in minutes: choose the reports to include, add custom information and your branded report is generated quickly and easily.

Plus, streamline work agency-wide by storing medical, Rx and ancillary plans in your agency database, giving all users instant access to your carrier plans. That means you’ll be able to re-use plans, avoiding redundant data entry. Explore every plan design option with employers, ensuring they’re comfortable with the choices they’re presented.

The Dynamic Plan Designer allows you to upload rates to match existing plans, making it easy to build out employer presentations. These streamlined processes turn hours of work into minutes, saving brokers time and money.

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