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3 Ways to Outshine the IncumbentLearn 3 effective strategies for beating the incumbent in this ebook.
3 Strategies to Start 2017 Out StrongThe beginning of the year is the perfect time to prospect; learn why in this resource.
38 Strategies to Overthrow the IncumbentIn this list, learn tips for stealing BORs away from the incumbent.
The Ancillary DisconnectLearn about the ancillary market today, and examine the important disconnect that exists between employers and employees.
BOOST SALES & INCREASE REVENUE PREDICTABILITYIn this infographic, discover how behavioral economics can improve sales effectiveness for any producer.
How to Sell More Ancillary ProductsIncrease your value as a consultative broker by focusing more on ancillary.
HOW TO STEAL BORsAfter renewal season, most brokers take a break—making this the perfect time to unseat an incumbent. Learn how with this ebook.
Inbound Marketing For Insurance AgenciesThis ebook examines how to apply inbound marketing to boosting insurance sales.
Boost Sales & Increase Revenue PredictabilityLearn concrete tips to enhance your sales process and improve sales effectiveness throughout your agency.
Client Relationship Building: Adapting to the Digital AgeDeliver efficiency and value to clients in today’s digital age; learn more in this ebook.
The Insurance Broker's Ultimate Guide to ProspectingMake insurance prospecting easy (yes, you read that right!) with these sales strategies.
Budget-Based Benefits: A New Approach to RenewalsLearn to approach the renewal conversation in a new and better way.
Drive Sales With These Three StrategiesProspect smarter, get in the door and win the BOR.
Overcoming ACA Challenges During Your RenewalLearn how dynamic plan design technology helps brokers navigate ACA headaches.
Prove Your Worth As A BrokerUse these strategies to move from sales person to trusted advisor. Your business will never be the same.
Give Employers What They WantLearn how Dynamic Plan Design impresses clients and saves brokers time.
Self Funding For Small GroupsDiscover how small groups can benefit from self-funding and position yourself as a trusted, knowledgeable advisor.


Learn how Dynamis is helping brokers increase their win ratio, bring on new clients, write new lines, and streamline renewals.

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3 new accounts in 3 months
Saving a long time, at-risk client
Simplify Renewals & Reduce Proposal Complexity
Winning Benefits from an Entrenched Broker
Beating 15 Other Agencies for the BOR


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Marketing Video:
Dynamic Plan Designer

Learn about the Dynamic Plan Designer, and why employers love this approach to their benefits renewal.

Chad Raube

Chad Raube:
Employer Interview

Chad Raube, CEO of a software company called Info-Pro, discusses his experience when his broker used the Dynamic Plan Designer for their renewal.

Andy Nunemaker Growth Minded

Andy Nunemaker:
Interview With Dynamis CEO

In this podcast, Dynamis CEO Andy Nunemaker discusses the history of Dynamis and how the company supports employee benefits brokers.

David Stark Testimonial

Diversified Insurance Testimonial

David Stark of Diversified Insurance shares how the Dynamic Plan Designer has helped win new business and impressed existing clients.

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